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We take care of Nature and Traditions, so that they help us take care of people


MTAAZ helps to open and release energy blocks in the body and achieve a balance of health and well-being


The retreats and diets at Sacha Q’ente provide a space and time dedicated to individual inner work


Specialized and personalized detoxification and healing programs for all types of addiction


We integrate traditional medicine into programs for the well-being of people and the service of humanity

What is Sacha Q´Ente?

Sacha Q’ente is a non-profit association located in Kosñipata, at the entrance of the Manu National Park in Cusco, Peru. We work on the physical, mental and spiritual healing of people through the Traditional Andean Amazonian Medicine (MTAAZ)

At Sacha Q’ente we help people to heal and develop, through Traditional Andean-Amazonian Medicine (MTAAZ), using its medicinal plants and its protocols developed over millennia.

In addition, we integrate psychology and spirituality in the process of healing and personal development.

Pio Vucetich Nuñez del Prado

Pio Vucetich Nuñez del Prado is the founder of Sacha Q’ente. It is his life project, through which he hopes to collaborate in the development of the medicine of the future, one where traditional medicines and modern science compliment one another to help people heal, develop their potential, and integrate all dimensions of themselves.


With more than 30 years of experience treating patients from all over the world, Pio is a pioneer in the combined use of Contemporary Psychology and Ancestral Medicine, all the while respecting their traditional roots. In addition, he has launched a pioneering program in the treatment of addition.

They Trusted in Us

"Ancient traditions have an infinite capacity to adapt to circumstances, maintaining their power and traditional form. Although the ceremonies happen through the internet, the connection occurs beyond limitation (podemos sacar eso). Through icaros, breathing techniques and help from God above all, we gain access to the world of energy where we can actively transform and incorporate positive forces into the fabric of our lives. Working with Pio is a gift to the spirit, allowing it to more freely navigate its realm and refresh the quality of our physical existence".
"The work with Dr. Pio Vucetich is deeply transformative and of the highest standards and quality. I have witnessed his full dedication (for the preparation, orientation and integration of the experience) to each individual patient who seeks healing within indigenous ancestral medicine. Following a solid therapy protocol, his approach is safe and effective. Combining ancestral indigenous knowledge with his deep psychoanalytic understanding of the modern mindset, Pio is the perfect bridge builder between cultures".
"When you are afraid, plant flowers." Pio told me in Sacha Qente a few years ago. This phrase sums up what my work has been since I met Pio 7 years ago, when I was still smoking, when I was not aware of the fear I had to live, essentially. The work with Pio, proposed by the Andean-Amazonian tradition, is a work of recovery and inner reconciliation, of reconnection with our true nature, our strengths, our gifts, with the joy and deep meaning of living. A process from fear to love, battle to battle, flourishing".

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